Finding Motivated Sellers and Cash Buyers via Facebook Marketing


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(affiliate) – Find an unlimited amount of real estate deals NOW!

How to find cash buyers, motivated sellers, wholesalers for jv deals, and newsletter subscribers for your real estate investing or wholesaling business.

How I use Facebook Pages and Groups, which I control, to build my lead list.

How I do some general promotion on Facebook.

How I sell some contracts and build my buyer list at the same time.

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Finally started my video series. Not even fully setup yet, as you can see from my channel. But I get so many requests for help with online marketing for their real estate business that it has become overwhelming. The fair way to tell everyone is to do it at the same time.

My production on this first one is considered low qual and a guideline for me in the future on being better prepared. I am still setting up this new laptop to work with my years of organization and productivity standards.

Enjoy, subscribe, and watch for more VERY shortly.

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