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In this video I show you how to register your social media marketing agency.

Here are the 10 simple steps, with links to the files for California.

1. Name your LLC (check if your name is taken in the link below)

2. Choose a Registered Agent (this can be you)

3. File the Articles of Organization Document (follow steps on document)

4. Create an Operating Agreement (if it’s just yourself this is still necessary). Simply Google an example. You just write a small document stating your purpose in the company.

5. File a Statement of Information – after the “articles of organization” paper gets back to you (follow steps on document).

6. Obtain an EIN (employee identification number) from IRS. It takes less than 10 min.

7. Start a Bank Account for Your business. Take your Articles of Organization paper & your companies EIN number to the bank.

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8. Accounting – use it’s super easy for invoicing and getting paid from clients.

9. Register Your LLC for California State Tax and pay the $800 fee (check to see if you are exempt from this from the day you incorporated). It’s easiest to just call the secretary of state and get your dates over the phone to clarify. Write those dates down so you’ll know when to file your taxes.

10. Get appropriate license (check the link below for permits and licenses you might need in your area of operation). I found it way easier to just go to my city hall and ask/file what I need to do there on the spot.

None of the information in this video are recommendations or advice of any subject matter. I do not provide any legal advice or tax advice. Contact your legal professional for any business related matters. Every business choice you make is at your own risk.

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