Social Engagement is how to make your business successful with social media marketing.


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Social Engagement is how to make your business successful with social media marketing.
Social engagement (also social involvement, social participation) refers to one’s degree of participation in a community or society.

To ad to the diffenition, from Google’s stand point, how much social participation/involvement, (social engagement) from society with you or your site.
Here is why social engagement is so important. If you look at the chart, (this from Google) 1/15/15), The number one metric on the chart the bar is broken because it wouldn’t fit on the page. Google has it at 67% of the number one factor in determining how to rank your website or not.
Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of Social engagement;

But let me make it as simple as I can to understand. Social engagement from any tool or platform, is;

First level of social engagement;
Search results, Google serves up what it thinks you want, and you click on results.
Click thru rate. If you click on what Google gives you. Google see’s it as relevant to what you were looking for.
Dwell time. After you click on what you want, how long you stay on the page and if you click on something that page has on it.
This is why you can’t go out and buy a bunch of likes, views, or followers. Google see’s everything now, its called the Semantic Web, or Web 3.0

The second level is;
Likes, (Facebook, YouTube, +1 Google, Twitter)
Shares, (G+,YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble upon)
Comments, on all of the above
Third level is;
Where Google see’s your material on other Social media as book marks, video embeds, blog repost, on web 2.0 properties, other blogs and websites.
And Google finds your material 2 and 3 generations away from your site, with back links to your site or video.

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There are do’s and don’ts with social media!
Do Not go out and buy any kind of “Likes”, Follow’s”, Comments. Shares,
Back links, embeds, Blog repost.
If you do you will get penalized by Google for Spam!
Google knows who is selling what, so if you buy from those sites, you will be penalized.

Update your own social media.
Build your own social media network.
You can use some of the tools out there that are free to take the work load off you maintaining or monitoring your social media.
If you need more social engagement , and you want to spend some money, use YT adds, is the cheapest, followed by Face book, and then Adwords.
Any of these ad will give you lots of traffic and engagement.
If you don’t have a social network built for your brand, your company, your product, it is an absolute must. You will not rank your website if you don’t have one.
This isn’t a sales video, but if you don’t have the time r don’t want to learn how to open all the accounts and set all the settings in the account so that Google will recognize them. An then link all of your social media accounts together with your website, to make a very powerful network in Googles eyes.
We create and build branded social networks for clients everyday. If you would like us to build your private social network go to our website, click on Business services and fill out all of your business information, we can get started on your network.
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