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Your Free 14 Conversation Starters – WHEN TO ASK YOUR PROSPECT TO CHECK OUT YOUR BIZ: In this episode, I share my best social media marketing tips that will show you how to and when to get your prospects to take a look at your business presentation or information. This will result in getting more exposure, leads and sales for your business, product or service.

Are you getting the results you desire in your social media marketing strategy?

Let me guess.

You believe your product is the beesnees, your service rocks and you truly believe your friends, followers and fans are gonna fall in love with it…

You post 10 times a day, you reach out to people day and night, anxiously letting them know how amazing your product/service or platform is. And you are confused as to why they do not respond to your enthusiasm! You send them private messages

And wait… and wait… and wait….And Nope, Silence of the lambs literally! No responces, some blocks and some unfriending you.!

Don’t get discouraged. A lot of people don’t know how to properly use social media.

In this video, I show you how to properly use social media as a platform for getting more exposure, leads and sales for your business, product or service.

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In this Episode, I share with you some effective Social Media Marketing Tips that will help you connect with, communicate and share your business information on social media, attracting more leads, opt-ins and sales. You need a proven social media marketing technique that works, It is important for your business success. You’ll learn how to approach your Facebook Friends/followers, how to determine their need and learn if they are the right fit, qualify them and invite them to take a look at your business. This strategy can work for small business on Facebook, or any type of social media for business. Growing your business on social media shouldn’t be hard. You can use social media for networking and making new friends, for referrals too. If you’re using social media to grow your business, then you need to learn how to Communicate effectively and get your numbers up. I hope my social media marketing tips and scripts help you.

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