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Did you know that you can privately message every single person that comments on your business Facebook page? In this episode I show you one of my favorite ways to get sales on Facebook without using Facebook Ads. Welcome to Buffalo Digest D2D Episode 148: Turn Facebook Comments Into Paying Customers. My name is Nik Metcalf and I do social media marketing and advertising through my social media marketing agency Buffalo Digest. I specialize in content marketing, influencer marketing, and online advertising in the Western New York area. Buffalo Digest is the largest social media marketing platform in Western New York because of our in-house network of over 85,000 social media followers in the WNY area. In this episode I explain how to get more customers for your business through Facebook without using Facebook Ads. Getting engagements on your business Facebook Page is super important. Today, I explain what to do with all those comments on your posts.
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