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•I want to prevent you from making a mistake
•Niche Down
•Create a Tribe
•Think about what makes you special
•Also don’t cheap out, go with Shopify or some other hosted shopping cart

Don’t start an online store until you see this video. So I’ve worked with a lot of people that are starting online stores and they make the same mistakes over and over again and I wanted to prevent that. So I created this video. So I’m gonna go over three top things that I see the mistakes that I see people make over and over again that they need to correct before they start an online store. So the first thing is you need to niche down more your website your ecommerce store isn’t niche down enough I know you think that women 35 to 50 is a small enough niche it needs to be way more niche down than that one of the things I like to tell people is try to think of first off who’s the one person if you could only sell a product to one person who would that one person be then design your entire site entire user experience around that on a bigger picture you might want to think of if you had to create a tribe which is my point number two if you had to create a tribe of people that love your brand that they’re like it’s just like primal it’s almost in their DNA that they love it. So much who would those people be.

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So when you’re starting an online store think about that think about how you can create a tribe of people and part of creating a tribe of people is creating pole polarization for instance what I mean by this is if everybody feels ok about a product that’s not good you want some people to love it and you honestly want some people to hate it my most recent company performance nut butter it’s a healthy fat snack it’s macadamia coconut cashew blended nut butter if you’re into sugar and you’re into candy bars this product isn’t for you you’re gonna hate it it’s too healthy for you we don’t want you as a customer now if you’re into health food you’re gonna love it. So you need to create that polarity. So that’s my point number two number three you need to be unique what makes your company unique and if you can’t answer that very basic question don’t even start an online store think go back to the drawing board and think what makes your company special why would someone want to buy from you and it could be something as simple as your personality it could be that people like to buy from you because you have a YouTube channel where you talk about nail polish for instance and you’re the nail polish expert.

So of course they’re gonna come to you now that’s what you got to think about is those three things tip number four a quick bonus tip is don’t cheap out it’s very very hard to start any kind of business without any money a lot of people say I don’t have any money how do I start an online store well if you have zero money honestly go get a job save up some money that’s step one because if you have no money it’s. So hard to start a job don’t cheap out on this I highly recommend going with Shopify when you’re gonna start your first online store I’ve had a lot of people out of people that have tried to do it with WooCommerce for instance which can be good under certain circumstances there I do have a video where I talk about when to use WooCommerce versus Shopify but don’t cheap out it’s worth the 30 bucks a month for Shopify and you can click up here or down below I have links you get a free 14-day trial plus if you use my link for Shopify up here or down below not only to get the free 14-day trial but I get a small kickback. So ism’ thank you I’ll give you a free 30-minute consulting session to help you set up your store I also recently started an online store a twosie course and in that course I taught I take people from beginning just an idea all the way to finish store in less than five weeks you find out more information about that up here or down below truthfully that’s if you want the accelerated thing you don’t need to pay for a program there’s.

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